POEMS 1974 - 1996

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   you're not a flower  a region where they are known for
   second of february  work that isn't about safety
   night adders  i would see from my bed
   crocodile  time poured
   mourn  plane trees
   night in the ground  two people sitting in a room
   minimum octave  lithopedion
   giving rise  at the airport the sky is very big
   slats  name this hunger after an animal
   what's seen not said  bearded woman
   the flow of fire  the man whose heavy step
   equations of motion  carefully to make you
   no one no body  someone who works at night
   swarthy mary  eurydice in the computer room
   yr tongue  so close to catapulting
   consider  i was afraid
   phase changes of water  the woman with a hole in her head
   severe approximations  green mambas / black mambas