ellie epp



carefully to make you from a picture
eyes closed  singing         singing
aye   alli   alli   aye   alli   aye
in her language     pictures and meaning
can i know
sexual and not
what i see,         sand under foot         sand and how high of sky
that           that           all day changing color
i don't say       i don't say       all day changing color
bushes and the well           paths
my feet,       sandals         small stones and the sill of the tent
tent       black       i wove it
yellow rug       i wove       taureg       the free     the freewalking
in heat       in the hot light       in the cold black       i know       i know
did they tell what i saw         the bright lights are far places
when i walk my circuit under these clear lights
i know     i know
died by now
tribes queen
of the lightness of your tall walk         sandals under the black hem
dry brown skin     dust       what i see       what i see
simple       yes i know       walking here today
what i see       yes i can tell you after i sing
the books of the knowledge of writing         my daughter is like me
of your tall walk         grinding flour
how many i like       impatiently       not arabic
the free ones     left from when