ellie epp



a region where they are known for their exquisite weaving as well as their exceptional honesty


are you the one who could go there with me


a woman at a meeting told her a dream and she went with the woman
into the dream                         walked   in step         said nothing               they seemed afraid      

when they came to a country where every surface had name and use written all over it   she put her hands in her pockets and said i'm gone                       no i said and grabbed her fine shoulders              i don't know you she said   don't be mistaken she said     setting her fingers into my hair             this is not a love story      

walsed in this strange way for as long as it took         scraping gravel         staring through right to the black


just tell me:   is it possible to get really lost


watch the behavior of windows she said

take     tales



she's leaving an actual foot in each of her footprints       one of the faces was starting to smile


over each ear at the scorched scalp the nerves' system makes an escape                       breaks trails into air


already the weight of antlers levers my nose


already the points have begun to knit worlds


WEAVER! TEACH THE LOOM!                                                    no




but i ride what it makes


she's there too   though not often             flashes past weaving and crying