winter 8

winter notes 

ellie epp




the watcher isn t gone but its instructions aren t to resist



the mountain range standing in horizontal light           i jerked suddenly realizing i was there, and it jerked or split           then i was still seeing it but as a held image no longer as where i was



'the moment when you begin to make sentences that are no longer yours'

'the feeling is like your own'

'and the voice is yours'

'but the sentences are made in a way you could never make them'

'it s as if you re somewhere else'

'it s as if you re somewhere else in another world'

'it s as if you re in another world in another person'





lying satisfied not sleeping : orpheus went down for the songs



a blue-white spark wandered           this far down the page




whether, when i walk downstairs into the dark, i am speaking in this way to whatever it is speaks to me in my pictures





the water rolling up,        what is it,        almost something else,      a wide advance, sensitive,      it was liminal,      the height of it gave a feeling of being faced in eager quiet thought