winter 5

winter notes 

ellie epp




while we were talking the smoke line streaked past out the window and around the bend


the flood of her voyaging love


the space that opened before her inside the space between herself and her surroundings



i m going to leave as i have before, thinking it s impossible           he reaches his arm partway           don t go            behind him I see his floor open           he s putting in pipes


the quality of hallucination     midrif lit


the wrecked boat & green & black bits that have been together near luke's door


simultaneous grids. that is. minds of reference


the quality of hallucination           something from my guests, who none of them look volatilized, rather, heavier

     `the spirit jumped me'


she s thin in a wide frame

right eye wide    left eye narrow       blue

wrist & hand forgotten in a beautiful shape

wide feet       wide shoulders       thin joint to the arm

`your mountain legs'           bright hair circuits across the thigh



he says, even after he is married,   it,   my work,   is my soul



the relation of a cream-colored room & a piece of paper



at 6 in the dark           frozen grass           stars in clearly drawn emblems



small overhead a pickup with a yellow fluttering canopy flies east



it starts to rain among the poplars



sorry I m awake and can t read on



wake before five with an ache in the solar            work in different ways to open it thru           the ache has random thoughts         is it grief etc          open legs & leave them that way            longer breaths        open mouth           put hands up and try to magnetize them, it s a clumsy paw difficult to fill


there s a sill raised an inch

beyond the window an autumn sky saturated blue

in front of it the outer edge of a bundle of leaves whose shape implies the shape of the rest, and of its vase, the outdoors it was gathered in;          whose gold yellow is giving off a glow beyond itself


at the bottom edge   -   i don t see this now but remember   -   some square of a brilliant white curtain


it went on & I was out in the snow seeing tracks,   beside me,   hearing the written voice commentary,   and then a light creature running across the trail                each pawpress has pushed up beside it a snow shape like a small tip-pointed leaf,   japanese maple           that s its particular mark



`soften the body for beautiful dreams'



planetarium. how she looks in bright hair & coat


lying back with luke showing off between us

under clouds & music       excited to be there together

           the movement of microscopic life in jumps of the whole colony

bus,   group home kids,   streets,   stars in murk

cocoa,   roy,   candle,   she sits on the chair



depression & war, having to work at jobs




goodbye brightface