the play of the weather 3 weather notes ellie epp

- 2



a circulating              circuit              circum       ire
  - could be diffuse.         conventus   assembly



ping        the point and then sphere


quietly snowing   at the pump       around the pump         the
many, all the,    dot impacts,            on dry grass            turned      blades
from the window         silence
w   inter
win   terwheat
winter wire           wi er



a divination by eduction of light thru substances
   having prepared the wall


phantastikon            the filmy shell

      are circumvolved about them like soap-bubbles

gold  green & blue            red


glare azure of water, cold-welter, close cover
   can I get a music class


beetles who cd grow out of their bodies menacing spikes & throw up on top of their heads menacing headdresses, overnight


risidua of sounds


she addresses things          he calls that a safe game

the way it's praised makes it seem something that

squirming:  it's not possible to

something else spoke and said the hand's mistake is not an -


she was the only one who kept running aside between dances to heist up her petticoats

classroom with an orchestra         i start to sing
      vorrei      e non      vorr-e-i
                                                                a man in the orchestra
sings the reply         smiling as if he's going to stop there,
a quotation
                       but i go on, singing in love with the line,
and he keeps with me
                       soon i'm past the words i know
but i get my music when i'm not sure  from his voice underneath,
      also the words,  by a fractional delay
                                                                                singing with my
eyes down
                                when we get to the next section, an illustrated
score, parchment yellow with flowers like wallpaper         he's
singing the pictures of birds
                                                             will he stop, because now
there has to be a male voice reply,          but,    and i look up & see
the men in the orchestra smiling,       a man from the back right,
smiling,    sings the response in a small tenor voice               they're
singing from memory, other productions they'v been in separately,
as players
                  i'm realizing the music as written is funny
we turn the page & are looking at music written in the form
of propositions   laid out as in (descartes) philosophy or
law         numbers and typed capitals               they'v begun to sing the
changed music when the (conductor) judge, from the rear center,
says  i think i'll have to stop you there.            and genial,     i've
never heard that section sung
                                                                 grey snowlit dark          warm
bed         air not too cold        excited to have been (with)
mozart that way         it was real       but the music can't be
recalled in this person


& quickly after that    flood   bloom   flux   (flash flow blush)
      (melt fuse)  i  '    '                  and wonder if i can still touch her

waking, laugh, this variant, that she invites, & gets away by my rush



what i saw walking to the road;                 by the spacing of the tracks,

the coyote              running                                 ;

small chained closetracks out of a hole in the snow,

      mouse       from her    grass arch  whitelight        corridor;

            the fine lines of crystal organization changing direction   every few feet
   as if a microwind scouring only the surface,            abrupt turns



the words are too big for what happens
      fuse   -   it is a
flush    an animal out of cover
achievement, pride            pervasive warm feeling
to become cleaned thru        cause to glow red
flood       flourish          bloom thru
flow or rush suddenly & copiously


orgaein     to swell

love needing to tell


a Lesvian form of


your narrow


'nor close the womb at either end'
once you know something it becomes immaterial


or the same thing           they've decided to cash in their souls


a phonemic tune from side to side of the parchment    only the
rhythms understandable


always in the transfer from voluntary to involuntary she
suspected there was no difference between them


magike techne

leaning back
leaning back on the sea


marrow,     my make



look at you             stir        outhewindow grass



They'd figure Mr Fisherman was here to thaw the trout.
A sudden silence fell over the women, as if



sense that something's being built,       it isn't prescribed, but draws

expansions and contractions of the scale of congruity

any rhythm implies about it


a point of light moving thru possible worlds



envy  invidia           to look on



i extended by lover                       you hooded  (opal



stiffening and relaxing of the texture of the vocabulary


      when fly goes thru flame    the whup   clap
     's like     sail s      snap


tangents of the undrawn circle


whose silences are for connection

when does precision need to sing

berry       the wax myrtle
fish        when dried may be burned as
ice         canadian
light       twi         when first
maessa            second of second  the first showing
wood        any resinous, finely split, to give light, from the hearth
a sound that will last long enough for the succeeding sound to catch up, traverse,
intersect it



intuitive means that which was hidden



... from indications too slight to be explained