the play of the weather 4 weather notes ellie epp

- 3



imagerie & other evocation

the feel of it around


form drag         component of fluid resistance



hang a little image in the frame

afterimage the eraser



to get into the diviner w/o losing memory




questioning if there's time to be    -     to let myself be        -     pound        -     stoned        -     drunk        -     scholarly      ,         the doubted minds           is slightly,      i mean faintly,    answered by the sense that that's what simultaneity means,   (it's 'i' but them),  the sense of a generosity


you write as tho you were underneath the letters            what
you do            she feels out her words           it's behind thought      or
before                  the creativity                 i'm teary  




shining in the dark, whore, persephone



we can identify her by her eyes




it shined      out among it               a different reach of
         wind             i noticed       not at first           reversed    
breath current           brume           a homestead never seen before,
blue buildings   blue on blue    hill               slightly
skied              inferred in the intervening            brightness distributed
from    at   every blade           redbrown some bushes fine with
blue         the turned wind will be  ice           sun's size of
moon            grey wall finefringed into          under it          floated
red    getting small under the down arch of the   open                        color




she fingers on his shoulders        only there
            till she settles   (held)       sleeps on his sternum

the way they hang they are each other's only planet

she's sweetcheeked like   -      someone          eve on the ceiling



but i'll come out of this knowing no one
neither they me




watching carefully      last night at midnight excitement in the house      because i'd said  this is the only life you have to know me in:    why would i want to be in heaven with people who won't help me      the people who help me are the people i see struggling

she said    maybe you don't see in what way people do struggle

well i do see     him struggling with men, socially, &     publicly swatting, shouting at her, venting into her,   and at night

                                    so she moves like a sewer           hands   clutch



& other faces i liked to see;   a very small church half removed;  houses needing work;     three houses' deep excavations into dirt

on the way thru the small streets looking for luke, pass the singers, look closely at the fabric,   & a woman's skin between her breasts



it isnt so much that i want you to change as i want to know what's what
      one moment   hands over her eyes      her mouth has another look, it looks like mine,        is it thought
                               women have been writing important things & you wont read them!
                        i am working on other things -
                                                                              A man has several basic needs, the greatest being his need for admiration.


some escape & thank their personal supervisor the heavenly father              others are twenty years dying in camps,    in mines  

if there were no one who saw   wd i see


the middle misery that won't say it wants help         what is it   i know that ratio, thinking how to do it,        yes      small courtesies for more efficient use


freedom,   last night was high & lighthearted as if a freedom had come,         at the building site it sang             embarrassed but see it thru     i have de ci ded      to fo llow     je sus       no tur ning back         no tur ning       back                               - does that mean jesus is somewhere they don't know?

are people who don't hang onto being saved      in a way    in some way


listening holding my breath,   to that growl,    it comes a growl   V DAUMTE SCHVEENERIE             ugly sound, still an ugly sound           i space back from it    it's unchecked           it's the voice he reads the bible in


sheeting the roof later when it was cold, shingling    liking to work       he & she fart      P/P/P/P/P/P/P/P/P/       i mock them with my mouth



open the door           it's reporters  worrying about beauty



the rhumb wheels        that's how i think of
  -    overhead view           what would it look like from here
            looks like this   the movie          then what's a movie
it's a rectangle out of a
to double the beginning
you dim the lights
then you have the rectangle & dim its light
then a dark    image    begins         it emerges slowly out of
if the light source is the camera
& what's it an image ov       the field evaporating
color    floats
the lake beating


in which is mostly white space

                                          was a visible emptiness


lost his life root

                              so as to integrate, combat



on the roof making the house     efficient action,   the way we've done it
helps him speak to direct, so it's possible to be one mind         & then his fury when she slows it    but not able       -      what   -      not seeing what she's seeing                 they're both not willing                & what i want most is not to be them




a flame under the wood in front of the east porch           i shout for her to bring the water bucket       some animal is running in the land south of the house
 roaring          we don't know what        but it is coming closer         i unlock the door          small boys & dogs running very late their fathers with a grain truck to pick them up            they were hunting?
                                                            at a distance running northeast    is it a bull      or a pig                       no i see it's an elephant, another, & more      running with ears spread
we go back into the house     two women in saris, with pans of food, are there already
the corridor        a corridor        is long,    it's still this house tho looks nothing
like it                 in the washroom i say i like bathing like this with men in the same room, the elephant gypsies       
                                             going upstairs into this room, meet or seem to meet people i've known in other times,   there's dee underneath me                  dee!                      sitting next to one of the elephant men washing, a good heat in the part of my back that's near him    it's a goodness of sex, not to be refused            he's bent over putting his finger slightly in my ass
j later comes with a thin girl            i've been lying down with martha'            who's sitting with her arms around her knees,       j & i looking at her         'she has electric breasts'                this is the arrangement that will make it possible for me & the elephant gypsy,          for both of us in this long corridor's encounters
is it then we wake from the dream, knowing the dreamed house is still there around us         i'm walking south       there was a fire that destroyed it,   rebuilt to this one, with three of the original rooms           i'm wondering if we're in the future

who are you       definite

how you look,    the stories

you hardly love tho you desire

your body isn't deep under you




roof squares,   chess                 whereas yr fields are large



but that desire         eros         was most like kin




by the light of day they burned luces, while in other
closed theatres they make use of the natural light




Egypcyan     ele    phanos