the play of the weather 15 weather notes ellie epp

- 14



i like the idea of one person being the anchor & the rest trying their wings
      twelve wings
sound recording technician
watching into the body
being the messenger
bringing a   part
in 3  time to watch
i was just playing around with the piano the other day & i found something i never knew existed, the middle pedal
that's swimming
      a very liddle fish


on the high platform when the sun came up
i made a morning song   trumpet
solo        heard you hear
too sweet
the way friends in work separate from far parts
lying down in the high platform bed went easily into
sleep        woke to know how happy i was sleeping & also
thinking i was turned head north            re-placed the
pillow & got into the north end of the tucked sheet       lying
on my
i got the piccolo trumpet tho
            side sweetly upslope  morning light woke me    i pulled
up the blind, fumbling
you're going to play piano in his cloud chamber piece?
                     to tie a knot in the cord, to
hook onto the small nail,  thinking about something,  partly
in the presence of someplace was it england or somewhere
else          felt, when i remembered it,
get swept away by the listening experience, which is exactly right;   but for the composer
                                        it was somewhere i don't
know in this sequence. the black buildings had even-colored two
sides light & dark

that was a beautiful canon


he lets the firebird go, protected by the firebird's feather
i thought the assignment was listening behind the music for what's happening         it was easy
the mountain opens up like this     & these creatures
the darkness is the low strings & the birds are brightnesses
something is suspending this in the pitch organization
i have a lot of words come up
they're stage images
gradual development has a lot to do with
                            it thinned out   when i came back it
was bright      shadow lace on the pillow standing up at the end of the
bed      black building has glare in front of all of it                  down below on
the windowsill the fine-rib glass cone has fringeline shadows across two small-leaf different-green plants in glass               asphalt street    concrete sidewalk wire mesh fence shadows comb across to 90 degrees with white parking lines
'it's like a morning in morocco or spain'
                            stucco orange wharf & deep blue            bamboo line shades
got into the band of clever & cdn't get out
a wide band thru the eyes & down to the solar plex        stopped there in a ridge & left a glow & a wired small twitchiness in back of neck, thighs                              
beware the color of her eyes
what can be known when the other half is present            the seeing from out there
it is a seeing, or, i know it for a seeing, by its charge in my own
getting discouraged out of
to like:    moved in to like
                                                                                                            after the surge thru the eyes i knew something, that the intense outline on the diaphragm meant it was a
barrier     and i often use it


are you there now?
                  no.   are you?
no.  but verging on it.
verging on it.
i get lost in it, submerged
do you come out of it without memory?
memories of endurance and pain
defending the unpopular instrument
if the writing wants to     if i want in writing to     confirm by echo      i have to know how far along it has to be to register as that
turquoise crystal the left a stronger color along one edge of the iris
isn't that the state everybody wants
one other person said that          in california
why don't you think so
nobody seems to want to be there with me
you could teach them
                              I COULD TEACH THEM!



. . . quite direct to the body