the play of the weather 16 weather notes ellie epp

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yesterday when we were flying there was a time when the sun was setting & it was shining under the clouds         there was a light under the clouds but not above them.          it made a grey, a slightly pink grey, shining under the clouds, like water       the clouds we were over were in shapes like bushes, some small bushes in rows, bigger bushes coming up, and some like just slopes, with grass            but then we came to the edge of the clouds & we flew out over the abyss

the break in the clouds was in the shape of a river   a very wide river      and when we were over it, far below i could see a real river shining faintly         i thought it must be a strong formation below, to make such a clear shape above it       we could have been over arizona, i thought it might be the grand canyon



connected not causally but by their identical meaning


if the preconscious aspect of an object is to be found


liking the picture of luminous sea with sparks arcing prismatically in and out of existence                abyssal


allowing, with the sense that it will fall back extinguished into untime



preconditions                 a     byssos                        w/o bottom


it seems at such cases that one is present at her own unconscious work


a kind of instinctual mathematics must exist


lumen naturae           what we know as plants etc do


dissolved         yellow light grainy depth & some movement like
vapour            use the grain and how else          some slight
mov't      air & water       when something
dissolves            when it loosens it vanishes
      es vanir fade away            'golden'
      sky color   bliss
tissu       rich stuff
developed by plants & animals for the performance of a particular function
a connected or interwoven series
spines & other fine projections that increase the surface area of the plant in relation to its weight.  this increases their frictional resistance to water, so that they tend to sink only very slowly


light and the supply of salts


light for photosynthesis and a supply of nutrient salts


sôlt        OE sealt
sea grains
sea grass   sea marram
salt marsh  marasmos
silt  sand  marmaros
sparkle     cube crystal            white      marble
spilt white rooms


single cell in silica


the stone was his steadfastness
   not to be dissolved


the work of building a room out of one white stone


what matrix pictures
at the yellow sources
it is lit from below
drift       lucis
sparks in the eidos
scintillae animal
drift down the