the play of the weather 2 weather notes ellie epp

- 1



to discharge or to be discharged freely or continuously


the play of the weather

fifty fathom of line for the clouds



uncertainty you friendly sea



at the thought of really working;   a leaning


the hall of clear colors



music like steam ascending

the patti page singer as if to someone only a few feet away



It may be that the Imagination is a miracle of logic & that its exquisite divinations are calculations beyond analysis



3 war winters together



a line of similar language



what happens:            a starting up,   that could be done                    to:
      it has been                         to:  even that question is gone



the hawk flat over            ,     the swallow crashed

      swans assembly   burble



gravel & dirt           flowing hiss in the ditches         thinking of the way thought falls to bits             glee felt like a live dab           it can fall             still here      the same known    lit fields   /   grey road   /   blue rest   /   walking           progression



to extend completely around         s  ur  onder            from a center



winged and perfect sexual creature
      a slip                        not projected, hovering
                                                                                           if the winged thing


partly transparent



it simply stresses the multiples at play
& that in them there is a leaning



the multiples



dear jane eyre,  you know what you want



the apostles came
                 one older, at the door
      the younger at the foot of the steps
                             'if you come to them like this in your suits  they'll take you as salesmen'
then his little smile



south below sun                      north opens past up

east west the wings                  pages



charlotte comes to the sea for the first time & standing in tears


she cried bitterly


but Mr. Thoreau was equipped with a most adapted and serviceable body


fishes swam into his hand & he took them out of the water


the angels assume fish & repeatedly become visible



our fine latin word with its delicate future tense          natura



an itinerant local deep  to-day



day-moon    low east    near a thin cloud



but he has not pushed his study of days



images that are requests



     'i'd like to be able to write music'
to step back here to this place of



          start out   start out   on a life         already started



my two feet in bathwater            silver skinned
shots & their barking                     it's late at night



penelope at home writing his story



in the room behind the word         at a distance



why do artists drink so much
hell if I know



a stream of water full of grasses



what is being in love
it's (face shines) when I can't get enough of being with somebody


            thanks for the raft



listening into the swan gabble blabber for a line of voice


while I refer someone behind me is declaring


the whole delicate substance of speech



if the two are;  the one who looks  & the one who goes around the back



                  bright moon light                   water tastes like