field & field 6 field notes ellie epp

- 5



did you say hmm?

           she's carrying a bag               leaves it at the windowsill


           i am laying the fish in 3 pieces into the hot bacon fat and garlic                   

                       she's in the chair at the window


            she's getting familiarly into my bed!  under the pink           

blanket                       sandals in the door frame


           there's rice too

           i know

           did you hear me washing it?

           i heard it hit the pot



i am upstream in an unaccountably sealed off fresh source             there's a sensation, but thin, of having made the crossing             thin as in memory, and already past the pour of spontaneous ordering


            today on the bus, could hardly bear the dragging so long in its toxic shell,                                       need to eat,                 not struggling against personalities, but easily exhausted,                  need long stretches of robot reading,  newspaper,  omni


           yesterday sent a letter, am expecting and not, the foam on the floor.      it's my concentrated event,  this is the moment that will or won't exist