field & field 3 field notes ellie epp

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had to reach into the water first, & feel the face of the seal he had snared before hauling it onto the ice. if its face felt human, the hunter would release the creature at once


those by the sea have many taboos as if they have not lived there long

i have been born further forward (in other times)

she read what she had written before i came in            i found my fingers pressed over my mouth & my eyes howling                     she understood            she said in quite a cheerful kind voice, don't cry, you can do it too


there's a projection of space & time behind & ahead    it's like standing in a wide place

           the other is like standing in a river,                   everything comes toward you, it's as meanings, it's like being in a dream awake, it's reading it as if it's a dream, it's meanings, color, it's connected to color.    the other is space

movement between minds

i feel it physically

writing follows the voice out                  or: it separates


at the table behind       thank you jesus for this lovely breakfast & the nice time we are having together                               father and father in law, young children                       

the girl sides with the gulls                    they're not stupid, it isn't nice to the gull to say that. even that little baby gull? it's cute

                        it's very cute but it's stupid, compared to other birds. like the hawk - you should know better, after you eat your egg then you can put syrup on the rest of your pancake

            i wasn't going to -

            don't cry, look at your brother, he's a good boy, he's not crying

will i? i will        -           turn right around looking in his face saying what's the matter with you?                personally, so personally it's as if no one has heard it, except that when i've turned away again he asserts himself humming            then singing              rallies them, hey kids who made the ocean                       

jesus did                     

are you sure?              


but he didn't make the mountains did he ...