winter notes 

ellie epp




she held the book toward the window and read aloud


she said eternity & i said yes.           i could describe it firmly



at the table feeling that with that knowledge i would like to be alone           seeing the jokes obscure and break the thought



lying here body lighted and pulling



it, she, the pretty girl, humorous, wanted me, perhaps wanted me to, what?



'i used to know a lot'             she seemed to be crying behind the stair rail



at night hearing the rain pouring over the house



'i could do it because i could feel their vision of it'

          the suspension in my chest a slate of perception           racked waiting to know whether she d come through



the two days      a grey light      released      sea light



she walked into the river with stones in her pocket



it was when you were telling what you d heard in the poem



climbing up into the company of your perception



i took that image as a center