the play of the weather 10 weather notes ellie epp

- 9



somewhere in there i suddenly saw six elephants      
they were quite grey   in a semicircle
what about the elephants
they were facing me           in a large semicircle
they were in a semicircle?
no they weren't standing in a semicircle, the shape of the
site was as if made by one of those lenses that make
the sides go up like this
they were looking quite gentle      the grey was a little blurred     being in the
foreground     the grain   the texture of their skin (strokes thigh) was approaching


that odd exquisite graciousness     smooth      delight           ancient           warm      
        radiating     bearing     manner      inclined    gentleness
light     float         emotions        steady    rich



sumer   also sumirian

strong-bark       a small tree


she was being visited by intelligences she took for human


in the slightness of what writing can use, of what occurs, i have become thankful



has it ever been like this for you before


no    never       never