the play of the weather 7 weather notes ellie epp

- 6



he saw tiny people & their dogs coming out of the end of twigs


when suddenly he fell backwards & tumbled down thru the very thing he was carrying


bending forward quickening          pleased           alternately    sore 
thoughts stopped by other thoughts        asquirm
it's physical intensity       belly  solar plex  throat            forehead   
speaks jealousy as if it doesn't believe it
it's that bad ay
just speak thru it
i know there's clean love pouring into you
if i find out what you are i'll lose your company
she does lose it        if only she'd waited
      the end is the same after a while
watching posture & midriff for signs of winning & losing
    midhrif     riff        reef

the sickly winter


You came into my life with the same strength as when we met 10 years ago.  It is wonderful.  A smoke web dances over the letter


purple milkwort
whorled milkwort
the sea milkword
                 (which see)
& here's its little ghost


no rein           lying curled on his neck looking around at the
morning space               fields & green trees, it's all open, falls
back          a little pink             will i be able to control
the fork
               roofed passage sloping in           fast to the
horse's farm            look down thru the slit, that's my father's
voice              before i see him, her. next to me
i'll feed or water the horse     boy      buckwheat grains on
the ground              for him or his sister     i've got them in my
palm      for him          was she the one with plans for the
farm         riding school            milking machine
telling it in a lagging voice felt the earlier dream but
only       swimming pool           a boy's    dead?  body   pale skin


small head small face looking close at its magnified disruptions              forehead open pores      black specks redden next to the nose

little bones body   cad   aver   atmosphere     she's jaunty      wellmannered            upstairs she looked sad                   her pallets in friends' houses
            imprinting from strong resistance
bare bone face


no doubt the red color of the goddess & her garments



a sudden change in a player's running directions



she buys women for herself,  he shows her how



orchids & lemurs
by morning's end
those who stayed in the trees were their brothers
millions of years of isolation
lyre tails




you've never seen a labourer before?            not much but the
sight of plaster & lathe            short arms        balance
mistakes        their tone        whether they're watching how
many boards i carry in one trip
hello december rain           not remembering what a labour pain
was like        wider           not a sense of the shape of an
organ            a band, but it was inside           resting between without
pictures like sinking into white           then it would collect
                                                                                        the shape of a minute rising with the clock's line      once around and it would be gone



drawing me to give her the pretty findings

how the lemur sleeps on the branch

the ride on the horse's neck