origin 9 notes in origin index ellie epp

red and black, children, a mouse




granulation turns out to be a floating condensation on a swarm


coming into the dark bedroom. above the girl baby, the air

shapes eddies of her thinking and communication. fine,

subtle. i see it with recognition and confirmation.

two other sleepers with denser, fatter, comma shapes

above them


in here with me


she was glass, she was sheer to the brilliance


red silk coat


that the scale of significant event is different than

daily time


a complicated structure of knowledge and perception, the



i was with, balancing and feeling in the sense of being with


the forms of writing

the loveliness of tissue, tissue


that's how


a gauzy, diaphanous expansion


focus to the air lines, and past

oh if it could be traveling like that


last night the coyotes


a red light and a drone crossing the grand green band

a red light and a song traveling together that way,



are as sheet clouds


thought, if you put out mouse poison, are you giving up



mouse droppings on the counter and table, walls with

feet in them yes, walls with feet in them


poppy crystal wall

unfolded edges like paper, angular


it stops at dark, streak


he came upstairs to wake me. i was awake


around that i see the light of the room


i broke eight eggs into the red pot. each made a bell.

luke and akasha made the fire. judy mixed the rest. i put

on the griddle. when i chopped kindling luke wanted to

watch. akasha said, there's a little mouse there. i said,

maybe it's holy mouse. judy said, it's a very small mouse.

i looked and it was. i heard myself remarking about its

unworldliness. i meant, i love you holy mouse


put my shadow over. it was among the stems eating small

stinkweed, white, flowers. then my hand, until my finger was

at its head. i said, i'm touching it, it doesn't even know

i'm there. two fingers. it seemed slightly to smell them.

then laid its head on the two fingers, closed its eyes. i

was in the scale of mouse looking at the short, warm and

longer hairs of it. small red crabs on its fur. white,

long-fingered star feet. i was enlarged talking to myself

in wide fast beats. is this really happening. michael

said, leave her alone, she's in intimate communion with her

mouse. when akasha said, can I pick up the mouse, he said no

before I did. when akasha cried because luke hit him

because he'd scared away a squirrel, the mouse went under

the washbasin



it is possible but forbidden


her given task is to sort on the line


abundant in happy curiosities


i'd like to have been able to describe while i was away.

thought, here, it could only be the old worthless especially



but what there is now is, still, wanting exactness to make

a stronger memory and incident