origin 2 notes in origin index ellie epp

camped on an old site




when I came to this place I stood in grass, watched it come

toward me in waves, and thought about description


that was because as i came up the gully where the driveway

had been, past the carragana hedge, i felt she's

here the child and then: i'm her


the pump is here and still works, all of it is surrounded

by grass


there were some clouds of gnats at the edge of the bushy. when

i went to look at them they came around my head as if curiously


i'm cross-legged at a plank, the sun is hot. this is

thursday. there are big fluffs of cumulous, above them

streaks of haze


sun coming and going is like a breeze


in the high sky vapour trails crossing each other


birds are coming closer to the tent, this morning there was

one flutflut at the door


the bush where the house was, on my right, is rattling suddenly


it's thundering. the tractor stopped. it rained


the thunder breaks and it travels, moves fast. it can

be in two locations at once, it's a dark sound. every thunder

is different, the last seemed to have a spine in it like a quill


the storm weather is a broad stripe down the centre of the

sky. it's light to north and south of it


there's an aluminum light out there and the rain is

almost one sound


a light on the tent, faint, and a puffy wind that comes in

and blows out the sides. it's moving all the time

around its pole, it's lively


there's been a hawk squealing in the bluff north of here.

and an owl that comes and goes where the corral used to

be (are you interested in these things?)


echoes from the bush


one duck goes over. its wings shear a crossing fifty

feet up


the light that's come on to the south -- hikens' place,

four, five, miles away. a road on the ridge we could see

headlights creeping along


two stars among clouds


no fire tonight. i'm drinking the rest of the chateau

pierredon. there's an ant dry in the tent with me.

its house is not far away



back in sexsmith. she heated the pie before she put the

ice cream on. the laughter in this place is nice, it's

coffee time and people are being friendly. they laugh like

those poplars clapping ih - ih - ih - ih old man

kokofsky he puts a cup of coffee per pot, you drink that

you see china