in america: 2002 - 2014  work & days: a lifetime journal project


In America begins in September 2002 after I finally get my doc and move to San Diego. It ends August 30 2014, back in Canada 12 years later. 

Section intros still to be written under the following heads:




The journal project




Embodiment studies






Film and photos


Music and audio




Highly ambivalent love


Writing and publishing




Edit notes

With the exception of a small travel notebook originals for this section are in 8x11 lined hardcover books, written as always in lowercase pencil.

Because the later volumes of this section were transcribed almost when written, I've sometimes allowed stylistic edits on the fly. In a few places journal was typed directly into the transcription.

Volume introduction head notes in this section seem to have become more and more detailed. They give me a computer-searchable volume index, but more importantly I've liked the way they catalogue the cultural ephemera of a particular place and time.