volume 17 of the golden west: 1999 april-august  work & days: a lifetime journal project  





This is the volume that was lost at LAX when I was flying back to San Diego from Vancouver in August 1999. Forgot it on a phone kiosk. When I called later, Lost and Found said they didn't have it. Maybe someone took it home. Maybe it will show up.

May-July summary: I left Elizabeth's guesthouse in Point Loma on Tom's birthday, April 30, without saying goodbye. Spent a month in Borego Springs expecting to finish my thesis and failing to get past the introduction. Drove home to Vancouver by the inland route defeated and broke. May-June-July scrambling for money. Somewhere in there I phoned Tom and we had a sore sad conversation that broke the ice (somewhat). Nora, Mo and Eliz offered me house-sitting and garden-making work back in San Diego in August and I took them up on it.

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