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Faculty of Interdisciplinary MA program, Goddard College. Embodiment studies program development. Designer and editor of embodiment studies web worksite and semester magazines.
2002 Interdisciplinary cognitive science Ph.D: Being about: perceiving, imagining, representing, thinking. Simon Fraser University.
1993 MA in Philosophy: The analog/digital distinction in the philosophy of mind. Simon Fraser University.
1970 Postgraduate Diploma in Film Studies, with distinction, Slade School of Art, University College , London.
1967 Honours BA, first class, in philosophy, psychology and English. Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.
2015 Holding one's own in an unfinished system (with Juliette Blightman) Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe.
film and video:  
2015 OB pier 5, 3 mov'ts  HD video, sound, 8 min.
2015 o sea  HD video, silent, 5 min.
2015 last light  HD video, sound, 7 min.
2015 here  HD video, sound, 4 min.
2015 by the lotus  HD video, sound, 3 min.
1996 bright and dark  16mm, sound, 3 min.
1991 - we made this   2 hr video, in progress
1988 notes in origin  16mm, silent, 15 min.
1986 current  16mm, silent, 2 min.
1976 trapline  16mm, sound, 18 min.
web design  
2014 Here 2014: Borrego Springs
2012 Here 2012: Mesa Grande
2006 Frank after his life
2004 - Work and days: a lifetime journal project
2003 - Embodiment studies web worksite
1998 - Ellie Epp web worksite
selected publications:  
2013 De ombligo a ombligo: notes on embodiment and translation (with Juliana Borrero) Tusaaji: a translation review Vol 2, No 2. download pdf
2012 Ellie Epp web monograph - photos, writing, comment and interviews. download pdf
1998 Leaving the land: perception and fantasy. Talk given at Presentation House symposium on land, relationship and community. online
1997 Landscape and shadow. In The Tenuous Image edited by Nicole Gingras, Les Essais Dazibao, Montreal. online
1996 Brain and imagining. In Front magazine, Vancouver, Mar/Apr. online
1988 Charm, value, ethic, tactic ... and gender, in writing. In tessera 6 , Contemporary Verse 2 (11), Toronto. online
1982 What will we know. InThe independent eye, CFDC, Toronto. online
1985 -
Designer, coordinator, construction supervisor, activist with Strathcona Community Garden, a 4-acre site in the downtown East End of Vancouver, BC.
selected screenings:  
2017 Canada on screen: in celebration of Canada's sesquicentennial, TIFF Canada 150 Project
2016  Fol Sinema Istanbul
2016  International Film Festival Rotterdam
2016  LFMC 50: Taking the time BFI Southbank London
2016  Elements of light University of Calgary
2016  Ici Festival international du Film sur l'Art Montreal
2016  In kingdom come Images Festival Toronto
2015 Underground mines: Canadian artists' cinema in South America Museo de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires
2015 Elements of contact TIFF Toronto
2014 If I can't dance, Amsterdam.
2012 Courtisane Festival, Ghent.
2012 C.1983, Presentation House, North Vancouver
2011 Images of nature, or the nature of the image [touring program]
2011 Erotics of attention, Cinemaspace Montreal.
2010 Early monthly segments #14, Toronto.
2009 EXIS festival, Seoul. 
2009 The Western influence, Winnipeg.
2009 The wooden lightbox, Birmingham.
2007 Double vision, Kitchener and Berlin.
2006 En plein air, Anthology Film Archives, New York.
1994 Les Absences de la Photographie, Montreal.
1992 Formal Diaries tour in Japan.
1992 Independent Means: Canadian Experimental Films at the London Film Co-op.
1991 Senses of Place, San Francisco Cinemateque.
1988 Opening of new National Gallery in Ottawa.
1988 Sask Filmpool series curated by Stan Brakhage.
1988 Recent Work from the Canadian Avant-Garde, Art Gallery of Ontario.
1984 A Different Face, Vancouver.
1980 Paris Biennale.
1978 Festival of Avantgarde Film in Great Britain, Hayward Gallery, London.
selected performances:  

 -- Of notes in origin, 2-hr multimedia show: film, tape, slides, writing

1994  Cinema Libre, Montreal.
1991  San Francisco Cinemateque.
1990  Experimenta 1990 Festival, Melbourne.
1989  Pleasure Dome, Toronto.
1988  Canada House, London.
1984  Women in Film, Vancouver.
selected grants and scholarships:  
1994  SSHRC doctoral fellowship
1991  Canada Council Explorations
1988  Canada Council B
1982  Canada Council project cost
1978  Canada Council film production
1974  Arts Council of Great Britain completion grant
1970  Marty Memorial scholarship
1967  Graduating medal in Philosophy, Queen's
1966  General Motors scholarship
selected comment & interviews:  
A.Bisaccia   1995   Il cinema sperimentale Canadese, Rassegna di cinema sperimentale, Rome.
S.Brakhage   1989   Space as menace: Canadian aesthetics, unpublished lecture.
S.Brakhage   2004   Brakhage at Concordia: talk given January 26 2001, Synoptique April 2004, transcribed Lys Woods. www.synoptique.ca/PDF/brakhage.pdf
A. & C.Cantrill   1990   Ellie Epp - Notes in Origin, Cantrills Filmnotes no. 61-62. online reprint
M.Daniel   1996   Through the lens: Film as art produced and directed by Gretchen Jordan-Bastow and Fumiko Kiyooka, written by Mary Daniel, WTN Vancouver. 
B.Elder   1984   Image: Representation and Object, inTake Two.
B.Elder   1989   Image and identity, The photographic image in Canadian avant-garde film.
N.Gingras   1995   Les images reanimees, Les absences de la photographie.
P. Grant   1991   Trapline (personal document). online reprint
M.Hoolboom   2001   Liveable Margins. Interview with Michael Hoolboom, in Inside the pleasure dome: fringe film in Canada, Coachhouse Press. online reprint
M.Hoolboom ed.   2009   Online monograph.
M.O'Pray   1986   Independent means.
W.Raban   1976   Perspectives on British avant-garde film, Hayward Gallery.
B.Testa   1988   Ellie Epp, Recent Work from the Canadian Avant-Garde, Jonasson & Shedden eds, Art Gallery of Ontario. online reprint
F.Thompson   1979   Notes on the reading of avant garde films: Trapline, syntax, Screen 20(2). online reprint