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BEING ABOUT  Acknowledgements

I am grateful to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, to the Canada Council for the Arts, and to Mary Epp, David Beach and Rob Mills for financial help over the period of this project.

At SFU Steven Davis gave early encouragement and ran wonderful conferences. Andrew Irvine was extraordinarily kind and clear in introducing me to the philosophy of mathematics. Dave Fracchia welcomed me into his graduate seminar on digital visualization. Kim Sterelny's lively seminar on representational theory of mind allowed me to begin to formulate my disagreement. Colin Browne gave time he couldn't spare. Phil Hanson pointed me toward Gibson and connectionism, and his interventions were critical to early stages of the work. Ray Jennings rescued me at later stages, and his fine ear for written English improved my text. Barry Truax has always understood what I am about and continues to be my model of the integration of artist and academic.

At UCSD Gilles Fauconnier's 1996 seminar in cognitive linguistics brought me a number of ideas important to Chapter 9 and Paul Churchland was generous on many occasions.

Among my peers Natalie Prevost, Ingrid Harris, Michal Arciszewski, and Janet Atkinson-Grosjean supported my thinking where it most needed support, and both Michal and Janet gave close attention to sections of the text.

Thanks to Michael Hayward of the PubLab and to the desk staff at Harbour Centre's computer rooms for bailing me out very frequently, and to Daniel Jans and Jill Mandrake of Belzberg Library for their kindly ways.

I am also grateful to Laiwan, Sandra Semchuk and Nicole Gingras for invitations to publish, and to Laiwan, additionally, for finding me a job.

Thank you to Sheila and Brian Davis for lending me a house with a citrus grove and a quail, and to Leslie Davis for a room and more.

Tom Fengler has stayed in my corner with unexpected patience; Louie Ettling has been my best friend in ways too complicated to summarize; and I continue to be speechless with gratitude to Joyce Frazee for knowing how to bring me through.