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Some of the things that got done at the garden in the summer of 1997, by the gardeners, Environmental Youth Alliance and E-team

 garden house

  • built greywater system, got solar system and composting toilet functioning
  • learned how the systems work
  • made system signs and installed them
  • built gravel path to house and washroom
  • cleaned up building rubble, rocks
  • broke up large piece of concrete
  • finished drywall and woodpaneling
  • built window seats and drawers
  • painted non-wood exterior
  • began landscaping around the building
  • house committee worked out decisions about security, insurance, design, furnishing, landscaping, lighting
  • found cabinetmaker for the Beautiful Cupboard
  • house had its first use hosting women and children's No to APEC conference


  • scythed grass on the street side
  • removed blackberries and dead broom
  • planted edible chestnut trees
  • cut grass on garden side
  • found a berm coordinator at last, worked out berm plan

funding, publicity, education and politics

  • MP, MLA and mayor came to open house,
  • people visited
  • funders, dignitaries and us folks, probably twenty people, cut ribbon to open garden house
  • honey sales
  • plant sales 1200.00
  • house fundraising by EYA (this spring alone)
  • fundraising committee set up
  • afternoon childrens' group did crafts and looked after orchard trees
  • raycam summer camp group took on a plot
  • vietnamese gardener Phuong Tu on nationwide broadcast of The Canadian Gardener
  • hosted small workshop for the international convention of Critical Geographers
  • usual abundant Sun coverage before open house
  • new newsletter editor
  • EYA publications about the house project
  • a lot of supervising and welcoming with e-team crews from abbotsford
  • made and set up name signpost at main entrance

wild area

  • planted saskatoons, hazelnuts, viburnum, salmonberry, cornus mas, hawthorne douglasii, highbush cranberry, caragana, thimbleberry, dove tree
  • cleared blackberry and thistles
  • cut back path edge and weeded path
  • cleared dead underbrush
  • mallards raised chicks to adulthood probably for first time
  • built up path and leveled it


  • woodpiles cleared to the bottom of the field, wood sorted into burnable and junk, burnable wood kept for sweatlodge group
  • all trees kept weeded and mulched with grass clippings
  • construction rubble cleared away from around green shed
  • smoothed out earth dumps from construction


  • set new section of posts and wires
  • removed strawberries and weeds in espalier, planted rubarb
  • rebuilt edgeboards on three sections of path next to espalier
  • pruned and manured extensively -- best crop ever


  • planted dove tree beside the signboard
  • cleaned up massively for open house
  • turned and finished containers of compost

paths and water

  • paths got weeded for the open house that had never been weeded in eight years
  • water source on south path got investigated and rerouted
  • broken pipes fixed

fences and vinewalk

  • planted clematis on vinewalk post next to garden house
  • weeded bindweed on fence
  • repaired section of vinewalk edgeboard

 toolshed and tools

  • bought new handles and repaired spades and rakes

greenhouse and nursery area

  • brick paths rebuilt (edges need to be finished)
  • plants potted and tended for open house sale
  • greenhouse cleared out, potting table built
  • rose cuttings taken for berm planting
  • seedlings grown out for herb garden and plant sale
  • nursery area meticulously weeded for open house
  • fig tree managed to ripen a lot of figs

herb garden

  • planted fifty? kinds of seeds and raised them in greenhouse
  • major pruning and clearing among the pines
  • dug in water jar behind north side seats
  • collected twenty kinds of seeds
  • repotted selfseeded plants for plant sale
  • took rose cuttings
  • usual tank-cleaning, path weeding, manuring, weeding
  • hosted a wedding with bagpiper
  • new coordinator learned two hundred plant identities